Ayurved Patrika

  • Ayurved Patrika is a monthly National Scientific journal which is being published uninterruptedly since 1947.
  • The aim of Ayuved patrika is to propagate Ayurveda and to nurture the Ayurvedic practitioners (vaidyas) in updating their knowledge and skills.
  • On 18th July 1947, 1st issue of Ayurved Patrika was published by Ayurved Seva Sangha, Nashik.
  • The very first editor was Late Vd. Bindu Madhav Pandit.
  • From 1947 this journal is constantly published without any interruption. Upto 1964, it was published fortnightly & then as monthly edition till date.
  • The Ayurved Seva Sangh, Nashik is an eminent social and educational institution in India in the state of Maharashtra which has been working in the field of health services through Ayurveda.
  • The institution was established at Ahmednagar in 1924 and was shifted  to Nashik in 1945 and since then it has been doing substantial work in the field of health services. Patriotic workers had sawen the seedling of this institution in pre independence era. The seedling has today grown in a big blossoming tree.

Features of Ayurved Patrika

  • Monthly uninterruptedly published scientific journal of Ayurveda since 1947
  • Many books useful for vaidyas are being published by Ayurved Patrika.
  • A lamp spreading light of knowledge.
  • A good companion of vaidyas for their success in clinical profession.
  • A news letter providing latest news in the field of Ayurveda.
  • Popular scientific journal amongst students, teachers, practitioners and researchers in Ayurveda.
  • Includes review articles, original research papers, case studies, short communications about Ayurvedic education, practice, drug manufacturing and standardization. Which updates the knowledge and skills of the vaidyas. It also includes legal information, foot notes, inspirational stories etc.
  • Leading Ayurvedic Scientific journal in Maharashtra.

Quick Update

  • Journal Name : Ayurved Patrika
  • Email : ayupatra@gmail.com
  • Name of Publication : Ayurved Seva sangh, Nashik
  • Name of Publisher : Vd. Abhay Kulkarni
  • Name of editor : Vd. Eknath Kulkarni
  • ISSN : 2278-0726
  • No. of Issue Per Year : 12
  • Print frequency : Monthly